Textbook Assistance Scholarship

Hello LPC,

As the semester draws to a close, please let students know about an important, often overlooked program supported by student government and our bookstore

The Textbook Assistance Scholarship is sponsored by the Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) and funded by the Follett Higher Education Group. It is a program available only to students of Las Positas College. It is intended for students who do not receive other financial aid but struggle to meet the costs of their education. This program will provide a student with up to $500 for one semester to purchase books and/or classroom supplies.


If you can include this information in one of your outgoing messages to your students, or student groups you come in contact with, would be a big help getting the word out.

Applications are due next week.

The information is also available on the LPC home page as well.

Thanks for your continued support of all our students on campus.

Placing Visuals in your layout

  • Placing visuals near the top of the layout. Photos are eye magnets.
  • If your photo has direction, be sure it is pointing to the right.
  • Be careful in the choice to flip photos.
  • Don’t position a visual where it interrupts the flow of the reading copy.
  • Pay attention if you are wrapping text around image. Make sure not to end up with text columns that are too skinny.