Order and Organization

  • Alignment simply means that items on the page are lined up with each other. Lack of alignment is the
    single most prevalent problem on web pages. It’s a big problem on printed pages, as well, but it seems to
    be even more ubiquitous and disastrous on web pages.
  • The principle of Proximity refers to the relationships that items develop when they are close together.
    When two items are close, they appear to have a relationship, to belong together. When items are
    physically far from each other, they don’t have a relationship. Often on web pages (as well as on printed
    pages), many items are orphaned unnecessarily, and many other items have inappropriate relationships.
  • The concept of Repetition is that throughout a project you restate certain elements that tie all the disparate
    parts together. Each page in the web site should look like it belongs to the same web site, the same
    company, the same concept.
  • PDF: Order and Organization
  • PDF: Modular Layouts
  • PDF: Visual Success