Homework Due 11/29/16

  • Deadline for what progress that you have made with the IKEA flyer (check pdf syllabus for due date)
  • Since type is involved, make a pdf of your work in progress and put on the server in *IKEA progress folder.
  • The IKEA flyer should have minimal copy since a monthly flyer purpose is to attract the viewer’s attention and not be bogged down with too much copy.
  • Flyer would be inserted into newspapers and given out every week with Safeway, Luckys and Target flyers.

IKEA Flyer update

  • Make sure to convert those ikea photos to photoshop files before placing into an illustrator document.
  • Change color profile in photoshop, not color mode, to Adobe RGB 1998 and save as a psd file.
  • Make sure to have all the files (images) in folder with the illustrator file since the normal workflow would be to link the photoshop files to the illustrator file.
  • Don not embed photoshop files.

IKEA Flyer Demographics and requirements

  • Flyer requirements
  • 1- Illustrator file (Standard Print file) with 5 artboard,  1 with color scheme, 4 monthly flyer
  • All of us will have June, July, August and September on each monthly flyer
  • Have June, July, August and September color theme on one artboard
  • Save also as a pdf
  • Your choice of Portrait or Landscape layout
  • IKEA Font: Verdana Bold, Yellow:
    #FFCC00 for hexidecimal
  • IKEA Blue: #003399 for hexidecimal
  • IKEA furniture image are located on the VCOM server in VCOM 50 in the *Ikea furniture.
  • URL: Lorem Ipsum Generator
College Student Urbanite
Age 18 to 30 25 to 40
Income 0 to 25,000 25,000 to $40, 000
Education HS, BA College Educated
Children 0 to 2 0 to 3
single, coupled single, coupled
Possibly Children
Essentials, Furniture