Textbook Assistance Scholarship

Hello LPC,

As the semester draws to a close, please let students know about an important, often overlooked program supported by student government and our bookstore

The Textbook Assistance Scholarship is sponsored by the Associated Students of Las Positas College (ASLPC) and funded by the Follett Higher Education Group. It is a program available only to students of Las Positas College. It is intended for students who do not receive other financial aid but struggle to meet the costs of their education. This program will provide a student with up to $500 for one semester to purchase books and/or classroom supplies.


If you can include this information in one of your outgoing messages to your students, or student groups you come in contact with, would be a big help getting the word out.

Applications are due next week.

The information is also available on the LPC home page as well.

Thanks for your continued support of all our students on campus.

All-USA Community College Academic Team and the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Programs for 2016

We are pleased to announce that the All-USA Community College Academic Team and the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Programs for 2016. The collaboration of USA TODAY, Follett Higher Education Group, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, The Coca-Cola Foundation, AACC and Phi Theta Kappa will lead to students being featured in an April issue of USA TODAY and the awarding of nearly $350,000 in scholarships to outstanding community college students. We have the opportunity to nominate up to two students per campus to participate in this competition, and our college has the opportunity to receive national press recognition should one of our nominees be identified as a scholar. LPC has past students that have earned these prestigious awards, they are not out of reach for our outstanding students.

In addition to recognition by USA TODAY, Follett, and Coca-Cola, nominees to these programs are recognized in All-State Academic Team programs held in 38 states. All-State Team programs offer students $40 million in academic scholarships, stipends, newspaper coverage, medallions and certificates. By nominating students to the All-USA Community College Academic Team national program, we are providing scholarship opportunities to All-State team members to which they would otherwise not have access.
At this time, we are seeking recommendations of students to approach to request submission of an application for consideration. In selecting nominees to represent our institution, we ask you to consider students with outstanding academic rigor and grade point averages; participation in honors programs; awards, honors, and recognition for academic achievement, and service to the college and community.
In addition, the focal point of the application is the essay. This should center around one endeavor undertaken by the student that utilized their community college education to improve their respective community or college. Judges look for innovative, creative, original and lasting achievements or undertakings.



  • Applications Available for On-Line Entry NOW!!!
  • Deadline for Completing On-Line Applications (less FacultyRecommendations)  November 11, 2016
  • LPC Scholarship Committee Review and Nominee Selection November 14, 2016
  • Deadline for Nominees to Revise On-Line Applications and Obtain Faculty Recommendations November 28, 2016
  • College Nomination Submission Deadline December 1, 2016

Our office will help assist students in ensuring they have access to the application, if needed. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Please encourage students to apply. Thank you for your consideration.